I’ve mentioned this time and time again, whether it’s here on my blog or over on my social media channels, the audience of Dancers of London is largely made up for creative thinkers and doers. The very fact that you are interested in photographs of highly trained dancers expressing themselves throughout this wonderful capitol city tells me that you have an artistic eye for things. But, I’m sure that for many of you just watching someone else’s work isn’t enough and you constantly find yourself having the need to create. Those ideas in your head need to be put into motion. However, finding a place to separate yourself from the distractions around you can be hard we all know that working from home can be short cut to cabin fever. I’ve been there. Not enough money for luxury of a members club but an undying need to get out and get working. Well, luckily enough for you, over the past years I’ve found a few places for you to work from without breaking the bank.

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The Hoxton Hotel/Grill (Shoreditch/Holbon)


The first on this list is actually two locations. I’ll be writing primarily about The Hoxton Grill in Shoreditch however, it does have a sister branch in Holbon. Both are brilliant places to sit down and work but, for me, the Shoreditch branch just nips the top spot. Like all places on this list, it’s full of likeminded individuals working away on their own projects. Take a seat by one of the roaring fires, set yourself up next to one of the many plug sockets and get waited on hand and foot by their awesome staff. I have to say, being a caffeine lover, their coffee is pretty damn great (all of the places on this list have great coffee. It’s important). Their food? Their food is so damn good it’s unfair. Try the turkey club sandwich. With bacon thinker than thumb, you won’t regret it and you'll never find a club sandwich that will ever compare. This place is free to enter and you’re welcome to stay there all day as long as your ordering food and drinks (don’t worry, you can set up a tab).


Mouse Tail Coffee


Okay, so this entry is a current favourite of mine. Again, you’re more than welcome to work from here as long as you’re buying their stuff but what makes this place different is how relaxed it is. I personally think that, when living in London, finding a quiet little corner to work from is like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Well, Mouse Tail is exactly that. Located in Borough, Canada Water, Deptford, West India Quay and Whitechapel these cafes are perfect if you want to get away from hustle of central London. Little tip, the branch is Deptford is located right next to Archie’s, the best grilled cheese in London. I’m serious. They’re the best. You should try them. Okay back to Mouse Tail. The juices here taste exactly like all your favourite cocktails and are perfect for giving you energy to get your work done. If I were you I’d make sure I’m there for lunch. Their sandwiches are huge and salads are over flowing with flavor. Plus, the raspberry muffin is so damn moreish it should be made illegal.

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Timber Yard


If you live in London and have never heard of Timber Yard you deserve to have your oyster card burnt in front of your very own eyes. Not that anyone uses an oyster card anymore. Honestly, I know that’s a little “hipster” for me to think but come one, these places are pretty much the go to places for working outside of the office. I will admit that these places can get a little busy during peak times. By peak times I mean all day. But, as soon as you’ve found yourself a comfy arm chair, it’s impossible not to bury your head in the work at hand. Wouldn’t think of it as a game changer but I really enjoy the wooden tray things you get served with. It’s literally a square tray they serve your food on with a bottle of water but, for some reason, I love it and it adds a little more service to your experience. It’s the little things in life. Anyway, one of the great things about Timber Yard is that because both their Sevendials and Soho branch is widely known, they’re the perfect place to arrange a meeting.


The Book Club


Many of you may know The Book Club as somewhere you to go when on a night out in Shoreditch. They throw a serious club night and the que goes right up the street. However, during that day, it has a different aesthetic. Instead of people squashed up against each other, gyrating till their hearts content, you’ll find gathering of coffee lovers and hard workers. One of the things I like to do when in these places is try to figure what everyone is working on and the book club is no different. Located in the heart of Shoreditch, it’s over flowing with big thinkers and go-getters. The huge windows mean you get flooded with beautiful natural light which may not seem like a big deal right now but when you’re four coffees in and all you’ve seen that day is your laptop screen, day light is needed.


Al Pancino


Best thing about this place is that it doubles up as an Italian Restaurant and you know what that means? Yes, people! You can eat pizza while working. Because of this, Al Pancino has become somewhere I personally go to work on Dancers Of London. But it doesn’t stop at pizza. The coffee is rich, the wifi powerful and there’s so many cannelloni’s you can’t not treat yourself on them. Based in Greenwich, this place is never crowded. It’s one of those places where people haven’t caught on yet. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to get out of the city and be completely focused on what you need to work on.


I’ve used all of these to work on Dancers of London and I couldn’t recommend them any more. To see some of the  work I’ve edited in these places head over my portfolio page. Now, what are you waiting for? You’ve got work to do. Pack your bags and go be productive. I’ll see you there ;)


All the best, Ollie.