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If you are a brand looking to work with me click the link below. Whether you're looking to work together on your next campaign, want me to create some eye catching content for you or are wanting to support all that I do, there is a million and one different ways we can come together and make something truly unique and engaging.  


Private shoot

With my vast amount of experience shooting a whole host of different dance genres, I'm confident that we can capture you in some truly exciting shots. My aim will be to capture at your pinnacle, showcasing your strengths, style and character in the best possible light. Shoots are priced at £250 and last a maximum of 2 hours. 


Friends Shoot

Sometimes, the best things in life come in pairs. Which is probably why many people like to team up with a friend on a shoot. They always add an extra layer of fun to a shoot and that added bit of confidence to push themselves further. If shooting with your "bestie" is what you're after, click the link below. Shoots are priced at £300 and last for 3 hours.